You Are What You Eat!

Colorful Afternoon Snack

Colorful Afternoon Snack

The foods that we consume on a daily basis, form the basis of our health. It makes intuitive sense, that if we are not putting healthy food in, our bodies will weaker and not as effective at fighting disease as those bodies that are eating a diet filled with healthy food.

Americans are consumed by the idea that there is a superfood or a collection of nutrients that we should consume. We know that blueberries, recently called a superfood, are filled with anti oxidants. Common sense tells us we should not give up on strawberries or watermelon and only feed our families blueberries.

As a culture, we do precisely that–form a diet based upon the addition of a super ingredient. Walk down the grocery store aisles and see how many foods you find with added ingredients containing the latest superfood craze. Go to a trendy restaurant and you can purchase a martini with the latest superfood. Much as I like a good martini, you will not convince me that you are helping your body by drinking acai berry vodka. We know this.

I have had many patients (and family members) over the years who have told me that a particular product (take your pick: vitamin supplement, liquid vitamin, juicing, or diet such as the paleo diet, Atkins, etc) has helped them and that they feel significantly better. I believe them, I think they do feel better. I don’t think it is as much from the particular product or diet. Indeed, far from being hurtful, many of these often improve your daily nutritional profile. What improves most people’s health however is what happens when they begin their programs. It is not just what they have added to their diets, it is what has been removed. Often when we start on these programs and start eating better we feel better because we have reduced the amount of processed foods entering our systems.

The standard American diet is filled with highly processed, highly refined foods. These foods are almost always made with the lowest quality ingredients, they are lacking in nutritional value and leave us hungry after we finish eating. So what is one to do?

I know you are busy, you barely have time to sit down to dinner, much less make a healthy one from scratch daily. Yet there are many simple things you can do to improve the way you and your family eats. Over the next several weeks we will have many suggestions for changing your family’s eating habits. Please join me as we start this journey!

Each week, I will post one change and challenge you to make it with me. Slowly you will start feeling better, you will be stronger and come closer to achieving wellness!

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