Relax and Rejuvenate on Mother’s Day

From Dr. Samantha Weiss, wishing all the mothers and wonderful Mother’s Day!

Mothers are always busy and often it is difficult to find ways to relax and take care of yourself, even on Mother’s Day.  This Mother’s Day, spend a few minutes doing something for yourself, to make you feel good.  Spend a few minutes pampering yourself and helping your skin as well by trying one of our homemade masks!

There is a simple way to get glowing skin you dream of and it contains a secret ingredient that is probably sitting in your kitchen cabinet as we speak, honey.  That is right, honey is a great ingredient to help restore the natural glow to your skin.  It is extremely simple, like a regular face mask, take a few teaspoons of honey and spread it evenly over a clean face. Be careful not to use too much, the heat from your skin will warm the honey up and make it run.  Then let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes.  After the time is up, rinse your face with warm water.  Instant gratification! Your skin should feel softer as well as look healthier. You can use this face mask everyday if you wish. Raw honey or Manuka honey seems to work best.

Another home remedy that targets “tired skin” is made put of 6 ounce of plain yogurt, ¼ ounce of crushed almonds, 2 tablespoons of raw honey, 2 tablespoons of wheatgerm oil.  Then mix the above ingredients into a smooth paste then apply and massage the paste into the skin.  After 20 minutes rise the mask with warm water.

A few minutes of pampering can make all the difference in your outlook, leaving you feeling and looking relaxed and beautiful!

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