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Summer Market Greens

Early summer farmer’s markets provide many healthy greens!

It’s Always Good to Go Green!

Many of my patients come in to my office with pain or conditions that are a result of bad habits.  Many patients feel like they just can’t make big changes in their lifestyle because it is just too difficult for whatever the reason is.  Some patients do not need to make major changes, but instead just minor “adjustments” (chiropractors love this word and try to use it as often as they can) in their worlds.  In my last blog I talked about the top killers in the USA and how walking 30 minutes a day can really decrease the likelihood of these illnesses and disease.  Walking 30 minutes a day is the first change that everyone can do.  I would like to add to this a list another simple change you can make  that requires almost no transition period.

A  second change you can make that is simple is just add green vegetables to your diet.  Notice I did not say you had to give up certain foods or limit or moderate your intake of something. I just said add.  Green vegetables are filled with nutrition, and the darker the green the better.  These vegetables in particular are typically rich in important minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron.  They are also great sources of vitamins K, E, C and many of the B vitamins.  All of these nutrients found in green vegetables aid in necessary processes of the body.

If you don’t put the right fuel in your body, the body will not perform the way you need and want it to.  I always tell people when they ask me what do I do for a living that I am a mechanic that works on human bodies.  Basically, I work and repair damaged parts of the body using many tools to get the job done.  So many times a patient comes in and they are in a bad nutritional state.  They are resistant to change and desire every pain or insufficiency to be addressed by taking a pill.  I would rather they just eat the nutritious food that is rich in vitamins and minerals, but I do oblige them with a supplement pill for whatever they are deficient in.  If you are one of those people who are resistant to eating the green vegetables for whatever reason, supplements are then the way to go.  In my office, we carry a wide variety of different supplements to aid our patients in getting healthier.  I use to be a supplement junky, taking every vitamin and mineral in supplement form.  But, I have since changed my diet to include nutritious food so that I can cut back on the number of supplements I take.  Getting vitamins and minerals from our food naturally is a better way to receive them.  We have all heard that saying “you are what you eat”.  There is truth to that.

No one has the perfect body.  When we think about our bodies and our lives, we can measure how good our life is using two variables: Quality and Quantity.  The idea is to do everything possible to not only increase the quantity and longevity of our lives, but also the quality.  So many people live longer lives due to medical technologies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their quality is better. What is the point of being alive if you can’t use your body and do things. I am a believer in quality.  I want my years on this planet to be pain free, disease free, infection free, and stress free.  Basically I want everything to be free.  Making these three simple changes can really impact your life’s quality and possibly even the quantity.  Free yourself of future illness.


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Dr. Timothy Kolbaba is a chiropractor at Advanced Physical Medicine & Therapy in Mt Prospect. Dr. Kolbaba has earned numerous degrees during his extensive education including Bachelor’s degrees in Biochemistry, Biology, and Human Anatomy, a Master’s degree in Human Anatomy, and he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from the prestigious National University of Health Sciences. Dr. Kolbaba also served in the military, flying CH53E Super Stallion helicopters for the United States Marine Corps. Dr. Kolbaba grew up in West Dundee, IL in a family filled with chiropractors. As a chiropractor, it is Dr. Kolbaba’s goal to help people get out of pain and become well, and to teach people lifestyle modification and ways to improve health. Dr. Kolbaba offers the most recent knowledge that is out there to help patients achieve their goals in health.

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