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 scale for detox photoWho should Detox?

Are you one of the millions of people suffering from chronic fatigue? Are you having problems with sleep? Are you suffering from depression? Have you put on a few pounds over the holiday season and are attempting to lose them? Or do you just not feel like yourself? Do you suffer from indigestion, poor concentration, constipation, headaches, bad breath, acne, or muscle pain? If you suffer from one or more of these symptoms you are an ideal candidate for detoxification. Many people make New Year’s resolutions to get healthy and either never get started or fall off the bandwagon. Many just “survive” and barely make it to the end of the day. Life is harder without energy.

What is Detox?

Detoxification is the body’s way of neutralizing or eliminating harmful substances from the body. The practice of detoxification to relieve the body of unhealthy toxins, chemicals and substances has been around for centuries. Many religions practice the use of detoxification or fasting as a method to clean and purify the mind, body and spirit.

What are Environmental Toxins?

During the course of the day your body is exposed to harmful substances: exhaust from cars; antibiotics and hormones in food; chemicals from food packaging, pesticides, and household cleaners; food additives; heavy metals; pollution; drugs, cigarette smoke and plastic contamination of food.

A toxin is any substance that can potentially do harm to your body. The liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin, blood and lymphatic systems work together to detoxify harmful substances. Under normal circumstances, your body is able to rid itself of toxins. The sheer volume of toxins created by modern lifestyles overwhelms your organ systems. The problem becomes worse in people with an unhealthy diet. The cumulative toxic load leads to illness and has been linked to hormonal imbalances, impaired immune function, nutritional deficiency, and an inefficient metabolism. Your body, when burdened with toxins, will not perform optimally and result in reduced quality of life.

Healthy Detox Programs

It is important to look for detox programs that provide nutritional support for the liver and kidneys. In addition, quality detox programs often call for the elimination of foods that cause inflammation such as wheat, eggs and dairy and the addition of organic, high fiber food choices. These diets often emphasize vegetables and legumes and limit consumption of meats and starches. All detox programs should emphasize water consumption and moderate, regular exercise. In addition, detox programs should be completed under medical supervision. This article on healthy detoxification can help you select a high quality program.

It’s time for a change, time to do something for yourself, don’t you think?

Dr Tim (3 Posts)

Dr. Timothy Kolbaba is a chiropractor at Advanced Physical Medicine & Therapy in Mt Prospect. Dr. Kolbaba has earned numerous degrees during his extensive education including Bachelor’s degrees in Biochemistry, Biology, and Human Anatomy, a Master’s degree in Human Anatomy, and he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from the prestigious National University of Health Sciences. Dr. Kolbaba also served in the military, flying CH53E Super Stallion helicopters for the United States Marine Corps. Dr. Kolbaba grew up in West Dundee, IL in a family filled with chiropractors. As a chiropractor, it is Dr. Kolbaba’s goal to help people get out of pain and become well, and to teach people lifestyle modification and ways to improve health. Dr. Kolbaba offers the most recent knowledge that is out there to help patients achieve their goals in health.

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