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Survival Tips for Standing in Line This Holiday Season

This post is from the American Chiropractic Association but provides a good reminder that standing for long periods can cause injury.  These sensible tips can lead to a strain free holiday season! The holiday season is here and with it comes lots of reasons for good cheer…but it can also bring added demands and stress …

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Lower Back Pain Relief!

I have been battling with lower back pain for more than six months.  I saw three different doctors for therapy and found no relief from the pain. I came to Advanced Physical Medicine & Therapy and saw Dr. Vijay Patel.  Since my first visit, I have shown major improvement and I feel much better.  Thank …

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Chronic Headaches and Back Pain a Thing of the Past!

I came to the office complaining of bad headaches and low back pain.  I’ve been experiencing these problems for almost 8 years now.  I’ve taken numerous painkillers and been to another doctor, but nothing has cured my headaches, the painkillers only masked the problem.  My headaches and back pain were interrupting my sleep, I’d wake …

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Immediate Relief For Chronic Back Pain!

I have suffered from lower back pain for eight years.  Prior to this health problem I was able to weight lift, run, jog and sleep comfortably.  Within eight years, I have managed to see 5 doctors and each of them has prescribed Advil or Aleve to eliminate the pain.  I received no relief from these …

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Natural Pain Relief!

I have been experiencing pain for approximately 3 years.  I have been to several doctors whose only solution was a prescription.  It was a nagging pain that I just felt it was time to do something about it.  I started receiving care for my low back pain & right side pain in August 2000.  The …

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