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Lesson’s Learned From a Liver Detox


“The best part of detox is feeling energized, strong and ready to take on the day.” – Svetlana, Chiropractic Assistant The office staff have been in detox mode this spring. Families too. Nothing like a good liver detox to get the year going right say the healthy eating folks in the chiropractor’s office. We all …

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The Challenge – Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast Options

Last week we talked about exercise…this weeks challenge is breakfast. Eating breakfast is a challenge for many.  Research shows folks who eat breakfast are healthier, lose more weight, you have heard all this before.  Some tell me that breakfast doesn’t keep them full.  One question I have to that is what did you have for breakfast? …

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Food Challenge: Exercise Your Way to Better Eating

Free Weights in the Office

In my last blog post, I talked about the importance of simple changes to your daily routine. Each week I will post powerful, simple and easy to implement ways to help you change the way you and your family eats…and thereby improve your health.  Yes they are simple, but taken together they can have a …

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