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Technology Rewiring the Brains of our Children Part 2

Originally published in the ICS Journal, March 28, 2014 by Vijay Patel, DC In my last article, I discussed how technology has improved our ability to access large volumes information and use it for improving productivity, efficiency and reducing waste. I also discussed how the use of technology is affecting our youth in potentially harmful ways …

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July Challenge – Hydration

Drink 8 glasses a day for health!

Social media is all abuzz with challenges these days –my wife is completing the June ab challenge (with a substitute exercise for leg extensions, as these are bad for your low back). As a chiropractic physician, who  has seen hundreds of patients, I know that while I certainly have a skill set that can help …

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How Technology is Rewiring the Brains of Our Children

Originally published in the Illinois Chiropractic Society Journal, 12/2/2013 Most of us are aware of the positive impact that technology has on our lives. The benefits of technology affect so many areas of our life and the lives of our children, it is easy to be unaware of how dependent we have become. Manufacturing uses …

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Detox for Health

scale for detox photo

 Who should Detox? Are you one of the millions of people suffering from chronic fatigue? Are you having problems with sleep? Are you suffering from depression? Have you put on a few pounds over the holiday season and are attempting to lose them? Or do you just not feel like yourself? Do you suffer from …

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Greens for the Greenhorn…

Fresh Kale for Chips

When I read Dr. Tim’s post, Eat Your Greens, last month, it got me thinking about how I finally learned to cook with greens.  For the past ten years, we have belong to a CSA (a program where you receive your veggies directly from a farmer and skip the middle man).  Greens make up a huge …

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