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Lesson’s Learned From a Liver Detox


“The best part of detox is feeling energized, strong and ready to take on the day.” – Svetlana, Chiropractic Assistant The office staff have been in detox mode this spring. Families too. Nothing like a good liver detox to get the year going right say the healthy eating folks in the chiropractor’s office. We all …

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Greens for the Greenhorn…

Fresh Kale for Chips

When I read Dr. Tim’s post, Eat Your Greens, last month, it got me thinking about how I finally learned to cook with greens.  For the past ten years, we have belong to a CSA (a program where you receive your veggies directly from a farmer and skip the middle man).  Greens make up a huge …

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Eat Your Greens

Summer Market Greens

It’s Always Good to Go Green! Many of my patients come in to my office with pain or conditions that are a result of bad habits.  Many patients feel like they just can’t make big changes in their lifestyle because it is just too difficult for whatever the reason is.  Some patients do not need …

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7 Great Summer Drinks

Summer Shrub Recipes

No Soda?  What to Drink? A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about kicking the soda habit. Having not had soda for so many years, aside from the occasional Izzy or ginger beer (a really gingery ginger ale), I have don’t find most commercial soft drinks appealing. However, there is always the lure of something …

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Kick the Soda Habit!!

Giving Up Soda, Once and For All by Jolie Patel, (the doctor’s wife, writing about health care with a family perspective) I can’t remember exactly  when I stopped drinking soda, but it was sometime in the late 1990’s.  I was a faculty member at a community college and taught a course on college success strategies   When …

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