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6 Exercises to Combat the Poor Posture Blues

The Problem:  Too Much Technology Time Leads to Poor Posture We all know that sitting at a keyboard, prolonged game playing and excessive tablet use lead to poor posture and tight muscles.  Modern life requires excessive use of technologies, as much as we would like to unplug, devices have become a ubiquitous part of both our …

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Stretching – An Important Habit

The habit for September is stretching.  Stretching is an important part of any exercise routine.  Many common injuries are caused by muscles that are tight and not flexible.  After talking to Dr. Tim, Dr Vijay and Aaron, we came up with a list of three of their favorites: Dr Tim Dr. Tim is a big …

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July Challenge – Hydration

Drink 8 glasses a day for health!

Social media is all abuzz with challenges these days –my wife is completing the June ab challenge (with a substitute exercise for leg extensions, as these are bad for your low back). As a chiropractic physician, who  has seen hundreds of patients, I know that while I certainly have a skill set that can help …

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Concussion Prevention Training

Concussion Awareness

The office will be closed on Thursday May 22.  Dr. Patel and Dr. Kolbaba will be attending Power Play in Sports training provided by the Illinois Chiropractic Society.  This seminar led by NFL team doctors will include training in the area of sports injury prevention, concussion recognition and prevention and sports nutrition.  They are both looking forward …

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I Just (Foam) Roll That Way…

Advanced stretch of IT band

Foam Rolls and an Injury Prevention Workout You finally started that exercise program.  You are feeling great, just waiting to see the results and…injury occurs.  Often, exercise programs don’t get off the ground because of injury.  With injury, an ounce of prevention  is worth a pound of cure.  Stretching your muscles and warming up are important before each …

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