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6 Exercises to Combat the Poor Posture Blues

The Problem:  Too Much Technology Time Leads to Poor Posture We all know that sitting at a keyboard, prolonged game playing and excessive tablet use lead to poor posture and tight muscles.  Modern life requires excessive use of technologies, as much as we would like to unplug, devices have become a ubiquitous part of both our …

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Congrats to Dr. Vijay!

Congrats to Dr Vijay on completing his Acupuncture Certification at National University of Health Sciences. This is a 100 hour program with a credentialing exam at the end. Dr Vijay is excited that he is able to offer a wider variety of options to improve his patients health and new options for pain management.  Acupuncture …

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Chiropractic Care More Effective than Drugs in Relieving Neck Pain

New research indicates that chiropractic care and exercise are more effective than drug treatment in controlling neck pain, both long and short-term.  If neck pain is bothering you, schedule an appointment and find some relief!   Follow this link to the New York Times for more information regarding the research study.

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Effective Shoulder Pain Relief!

I came to the office complaining of neck and shoulder pain. I’ve been feeling this way for over a year now, I’ve been on different prescription drugs to try to reduce my pain, but nothing has worked so far. The pain has been so bad it has interrupted daily activities, such as: driving, sleeping, and …

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Outstanding Benefits of Advanced Physical Medicine & Therapy

In mid-December I came to the office complaining of my neck and back always hurting, and I couldn’t sit for long periods of time. I’ve been to three different doctors, and it wasn’t until I started coming to Advanced Physical Medicine & Therapy for about a month that my pain made a noticeable decrease. I …

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