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I Just (Foam) Roll That Way…

Advanced stretch of IT band

Foam Rolls and an Injury Prevention Workout You finally started that exercise program.  You are feeling great, just waiting to see the results and…injury occurs.  Often, exercise programs don’t get off the ground because of injury.  With injury, an ounce of prevention  is worth a pound of cure.  Stretching your muscles and warming up are important before each …

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Get Outside and Walk Already

Enjoy Spring Weather

In case you haven’t noticed, spring is here! This might be a shock to anyone who has been outside lately. It’s still freezing and just downright cold. Many of us have been hibernating indoors, eating lots of unnecessary calories, sleeping for longer hours, and engaging in sedentary behavior. I know I got caught up on …

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Warmer Weather and Sun Protection.

Another post by Dr. Samantha Weiss, who is clearly ready for the warmer weather of summer! School is almost over and when that school bell rings for dismissal in mid-June children will start engaging in either sports or summer camp as well as numerous outdoor activities. We encourage children to engage in outdoor activities and …

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