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Migraine Does Not Have To Be Your Normal!

It’s tough for anyone to understand headaches, especially migraine headaches if you have never suffered through one. Migraines effect up to 15% percent of the population and are significantly more common in women than in men.  Those with migraines often suffer debilitating headaches accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light.  For women, migraines are often associated …

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Plantar Fasciitis Explained

[tubepress video=”LvW4kKBPq2Q”] A common complaint of patients with plantar fasciitis is heel or arch pain. Plantar fasciitis can cause extreme pain when standing or walking. It is often worse in the mornings or when moving from a seated position or non weight-bearing position. People often think a heel spur is the cause of this type of …

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Ouch, That Hurts – A Guide to Pain!

How much pain is too much? A precipitating factor for a visit to my office is pain. Some pain is so uncomfortable, that you know it is time to see a doctor. Other times it is not so clear….there are instances of “normal” pain: the soreness after a minor injury, the “good pain” felt the …

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