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Products We Love – For Springtime Allergy Sufferers

D-Hist for Seasonal Allergies - Advanced Physical Medicine & Therapy, Mt Prospect

Looking for an allergy free spring? Spring has finally arrived in the midwest and if you are an allergy sufferer, so has your stuffy nose.  D-Hist and D-Hist Jr, by Ortho Molecular Products are here to save the day.  The great thing about the D-Hist line is that it works on preventing allergy symptoms before …

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Pregnancy Changes Foot Size

by Dr. Vijay Patel Recent research supports the long-held notion by women that pregnancy changes your feet.  Based upon my experience in clinical practice, these changes in women contribute to incidence of low back pain; sciatic pain; hip, knee and leg pain.  I have found that early intervention utilizing specific exercises in combination with custom orthotic devices …

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Omega 3’s as an Anti-Inflammatory

Omega-3 Tablets

I recommend almost all my patients take Omega 3.  They get a lot of press and most people have heard of them.  I am not going to reinvent the wheel and tell you every benefit of Omega 3’s (there are a lot!).  There is  a lot of good information about Omega 3s on the web and elsewhere. Inflammation …

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You Are What You Eat!

Colorful Afternoon Snack

The foods that we consume on a daily basis, form the basis of our health. It makes intuitive sense, that if we are not putting healthy food in, our bodies will weaker and not as effective at fighting disease as those bodies that are eating a diet filled with healthy food. Americans are consumed by …

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Warmer Weather and Sun Protection.

Another post by Dr. Samantha Weiss, who is clearly ready for the warmer weather of summer! School is almost over and when that school bell rings for dismissal in mid-June children will start engaging in either sports or summer camp as well as numerous outdoor activities. We encourage children to engage in outdoor activities and …

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