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Eat Your Greens

Summer Market Greens

It’s Always Good to Go Green! Many of my patients come in to my office with pain or conditions that are a result of bad habits.  Many patients feel like they just can’t make big changes in their lifestyle because it is just too difficult for whatever the reason is.  Some patients do not need …

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Healthy Summertime Drinks

Hot summer weather leaves us craving something cool and refreshing.  Interested in some new choices for summertime drinks?  If you missed our soda alternatives class, you might be interested in checking out some of these refreshing summertime drinks.  Head over to Dr. Vijay’s blog and see what he is serving to his guests this summer.

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Get Outside and Walk Already

Enjoy Spring Weather

In case you haven’t noticed, spring is here! This might be a shock to anyone who has been outside lately. It’s still freezing and just downright cold. Many of us have been hibernating indoors, eating lots of unnecessary calories, sleeping for longer hours, and engaging in sedentary behavior. I know I got caught up on …

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The Challenge – Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast Options

Last week we talked about exercise…this weeks challenge is breakfast. Eating breakfast is a challenge for many.  Research shows folks who eat breakfast are healthier, lose more weight, you have heard all this before.  Some tell me that breakfast doesn’t keep them full.  One question I have to that is what did you have for breakfast? …

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Relax and Rejuvenate on Mother’s Day

From Dr. Samantha Weiss, wishing all the mothers and wonderful Mother’s Day! Mothers are always busy and often it is difficult to find ways to relax and take care of yourself, even on Mother’s Day.  This Mother’s Day, spend a few minutes doing something for yourself, to make you feel good.  Spend a few minutes …

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