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Healthy Living Resources

As part of our practice we often find that individuals looking to make lifestyle changes need help making connections to local resources in the area.  This page is in response to that.  While we have used some of the resources on this list, we have not used all and make this available solely for informational purposes, with no recommendations for particular products or vendors.  In time, links may break, please let us know and we will try to keep up with this.  If you have a resource you would like added, please let us know and we will make every effort to include it if appropriate.

CSA Vegetable Share, Early Spring

National Resources

American Chiropractic Association – Provides patient resources about chiropractic care, including a patient newsletter with tips and resources for healthy living.
Environmental Working Group (EWG) –  Promoting public health information and linking it to trends and choices we make as consumers.  If for nothing else you should know about their lists the “Clean 15” and the “Dirty Dozen“.
Family Farmed– listings of locally farms that work directly with the public.
Illinois Chiropractic Society – Provides patient resources about chiropractic, as well as information about current research regarding chiropractic care.
Local Harvest – Listings of locally produced foods, stores, and farmers markets.
Slow Food USA  -A grassroots movement “Supporting Good, Clean, Fair Food”.

Weston A Price Foundation is an organization dedicated to returning to eating nutrient dense foods.  There is an active chapter in the Northwest Suburbs.

Local Resources for Healthy Food

Many local midwestern farmers deliver food to our area.  It is easy to get food right from the farm and bypass grocery store foods that may not be the freshest.  Most of us are familiar with farmers markets, which are a great resource.  May local farmers also deliver to the northwest suburban area many of these providing a CSA.  This is a program where you enter an agreement with a farmer to receive a “share” of his or her crop on a regular basis.  This can be a wonderful way to improve the quality of food your family eats.  You will also find you increase the quantity of high quality nutritious foods you and your family eats.  Also, farmers who produced grass-fed meats and free range poultry often schedule monthly dates to be in our area to deliver meat and eggs that are pre-ordered.

Prepared Foods

Mindful Kitchen – Located in downtown Arlington Heights, this storefront has both “Grab and Go” and make your own dinners with organic and natural ingredients.  These dinners can then be frozen for truly healthy fast food.

Farmers Market

Local farmers Markets are another way to get fresh produce and more.  Don’t be surprised to find more than fruits and veggies–meat, cheese, eggs, pastry, pastas, honey, soaps and more are just a few of the offerings at your villages farmers market.
Mt Prospect, Arlington Heights, Wheeling, Palatine all have farmers markets.  The following link to the Chicago Tribune lists local market times and locations.

Winter Indoor Farmer’s Market

Faith in Place sponsors indoor farmers markets at various churches throughout the city and suburbs.

Delivery by Local Farmers

This list is very exciting.  In 2001, when the Patel family started getting their food directly from the farmer there were  2 options in the Mt Prospect area and you had to really search to find them.  It is wonderful that there are now so many options available.  Even more wonderful, the kids like veggies!

veggies fruit eggs meat other
Angelic Organics x
Erehwon Farms x x
Family Farms Cooperative x x x dairy
Heritage Prairie Farm  x honey
Love Freedom  love4freedom @ dairy
Meadow Haven Farm  x x honey
Moss Funnel Farms  blueberries
Primrose Valley Farms x x Cheese, bread
Radical Root Organic Farm  x
Sunlit Pastures 217-268 -3337 x x dairy
Temple Farms Organics  x x x honey
Tomato Mountain Farm  x x Salas, jam, soups, tomato juice
Turtle creek Gardens  x x x

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