Lower Back Pain Relief!

I have been battling with lower back pain for more than six months.  I saw three different doctors for therapy and found no relief from the pain. I came to Advanced Physical Medicine & Therapy and saw Dr. Vijay Patel.  Since my first visit, I have shown major improvement and I feel much better.  Thank you, Dr. Vijay and employees for your excellent care.


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Chronic Headaches and Back Pain a Thing of the Past!

I came to the office complaining of bad headaches and low back pain.  I’ve been experiencing these problems for almost 8 years now.  I’ve taken numerous painkillers and been to another doctor, but nothing has cured my headaches, the painkillers only masked the problem.  My headaches and back pain were interrupting my sleep, I’d wake up not feeling rested, groggy and wanting to go back to bed.  It took only about 2 weeks of therapy here before I started noticing a difference in the way I felt and slept.  I have to say that chiropractic care is very real, it works!!  I can honestly say that the care has helped, and I recommend it to anyone.G.R.

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Hip Pain Relief

I came to the clinic with terrible pain on my right hip, and couldn’t even lift my leg.  I am a dancer and having such a handicap was very depressing.  Since I have been coming to the office three times per week and the pain has subsided considerably.  I would recommend this clinic and the doctors here to anybody that needs it.


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Immediate Relief For Chronic Back Pain!

I have suffered from lower back pain for eight years.  Prior to this health problem I was able to weight lift, run, jog and sleep comfortably.  Within eight years, I have managed to see 5 doctors and each of them has prescribed Advil or Aleve to eliminate the pain.  I received no relief from these drugs and so I sought care from a chiropractic clinic.  I came to Advanced Physical Medicine & Therapy and was treated by Dr. Vijay Patel.  Within three days I noticed a remarkable difference.  Since I have been seeking Dr. Vijay, I am able to sleep better and perform tasks that were interrupted due to this health problem.  Thank you, Dr. Vijay, for your excellent care.M.U.

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Return to the Active Life!

I have experienced numbness above my kneecap when standing or walking for 6 years.  I had seen one medical doctor and was told to use aspirin for the pain.  I came to Advanced Physical Medicine & Therapy and was treated by Dr. Vijay Patel.  Two weeks later, the numbness in my kneecap decreased and now I am able to stand and walk without extreme numbness.  Thanks to Dr. Vijay, my legs feel great and I am able to be more active.

N. L.

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