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Auto Accident, Work Place and Personal Injury

Injury of any type can significantly impact the quality of your life.  Auto accidents and workplace injuries change your life in ways never imagined.  Our doctors  have great success treating injuries that patients thought could only be helped by a lifetime of pain medication.

Causes of injury are many: slips and falls at home or in the workplace, strikes by falling objects, pedestrian injuries, sports injuries and auto accidents.  In cases of severe injuries, most people get medical care immediately.  Many chronic injuries are actually caused by accidents that don’t seem so bad at first.  A wait and see attitude can be your worst enemy when it comes to accidents.  This is particularly true when it comes to workplace or auto accidents.  In these cases, by not seeking immediate medical treatment you set the stage for being denied coverage later.

Auto Accidents

Many people do not seek treatment for minor accidents and fender benders.  However, low impact collisions can result in injuries such as whiplash, back injuries, headaches, tightened muscles or inflammation.  All of these injuries leave individuals at risk for long-term chronic pain.  Prompt diagnosis and treatment is important in auto accidents.  With appropriate diagnosis, your chiropractic physician can develop a customized treatment plan designed to minimize the risk of long term disability and pain.

Many times the pain caused by accidents does not occur for several hours.  In addition to the initial trauma, this pain is frequently caused by inflammation and swelling of the surrounding muscles and tissues at the injury site.  This is why people often awaken the morning following an accident with pain much more severe than the day of the accident.

Workers Compensation and Personal Injury

Slips and falls, as well as conditions that occur more gradually can result in loss of function.  Often times this will result in missed work.  Common workplace injuries include chronic back pain and repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis.  Patients often come to us with a history of expensive diagnostic tests and pain medications but very little help with returning to prior level of functioning.  We help employees return to work using non-invasive and drug free procedures and therapies.  After receiving a customized treatment plan, we will also provide education about prevention to reduce recurrence of injury.

We are here to help

Whether your injury is recent or one that you have been living with for years, call our office (847-222-9060) to schedule an appointment and see how we can help you.  Our doctor’s goal is to decrease your pain and improve your treatment outcomes so you can return to a life without pain.  We can help in cases of Workman’s Compensation, Personal Injury and Auto Accidents.

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