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Custom Orthotics

Orthotics and Pain Relief

An orthotic device is one inserted into an individual shoes to help alleviate or reduce pain in the foot, ankle, knee, hip or low back.  How can a device in your shoe effect low back pain?  Your feet are the foundation for your entire skeletal system.  If there is a bio-mechanical issue in your foot,  pronation (rotation) of the foot causes an improper angle of the lower leg, thigh and pelvis.

Orthotics are often recommended and helpful for the following conditions:  plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, arthritis, shin splints, bunions, knee or hip pain, diabetes, metatarsalgia, pronation of the foot, and lower back pain. While the orthotics available at drug stores and at mall kiosks may feel good, they are not prescriptive in nature and will not correct a  problem.  In the case that you do have a bio-mechanical issue in your foot, an orthotic will provide a corrective function and reduce pain.  These types of orthotics should be fit by a physician trained in the bio-mechanics of the foot.

In general, the most important choice an individual can make is with supportive footwear for walking, standing and exercise.  Flip flops, boots and flats with no support all cause difficulty with your feet.  For patients looking for supportive footwear, we do carry a line of Orthaheel footwear.

Orthotics and Insurance

Orthotics are a medical device, often covered by insurance, prescribed when a corrective function and support is needed for the foot. Proper fitting for an orthotic device involves an understanding of gait analysis and the bio-mechanics of the foot, ankle, hip, and knee.  The physicians at APMT have completed training and have many years of experience in the proper fitting of an orthotic device.

We are able to fit for custom orthotics at our Mount Prospect office (847-222-9060).  Please call and schedule a time with one of our doctors to see if orthotics can help you.


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