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For our patients’ convenience, you may order from the following companies and have your supplements shipped directly to your home.

Please speak to Dr. Patel or Dr. Kolbaba about supplement recommendations based upon your health history.  We choose to work with the following companies based upon their high quality bio-available supplements.  Why is this important?  Supplements that are bio-available are readily absorbed and used by the body to promote health and healing.  This is not true of all brands out there.  These companies also are leaders in their field when it comes to research of medical foods and nutraceuticals.


Douglas Labs

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Metagenics offers 20% off your first order and 10% off on recurring orders.  In addition, shipping is free for orders over $50.

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Standard Process

If this is your first time ordering Standard Process online, you will need a code from our office to set up an account.  Please email our office at and we will gladly send you one.

Standard Process






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